New Theater, Artist High Tones with the Minister of Culture
Albanian Daily News
Published February 14, 2018
A group of artists have been confronted with Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro this Wednesday evening for their problems and requirements, such as the National Theater building, lack of conditions and funds for art.
The well-known artist, Bujar Asqeriu, unveils to the minister the sacrifices of Albanian artists working in miserable conditions.
"We are not marketers of tomato, we are artists. At the Fier Theater, in Shkoder, Saranda, Fier was being used cold water to wash the actors face. These are the calamities. Water poured into the hall of the theater and I washed my face. I'm very quiet. I'm an actor for 40 years now with more than 120 roles. I speak because I want Albania and the theater and because I love it. I do not want to make money. I want you to respect me as an artist. This is the purpose of my life,” said Asqeriu.
Minister of Culture seemed to be speechless against this accuses, saying that she accepts and knows most of the suffering that artists have passed.


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