Minister Nikolla Ignores Pedagogues Requests
Albanian Daily News
Published February 14, 2018
The Minister of Education, Youths and Sports, Lindita Nikolla refuses to respond to the pedagogues requests, despite their warning for general strike.
She did not appear in a hearing in the Committee on Education and Public Information on Wednesday focused on the delayed payment of pedagogues’ salaries.
Nikolla was replaced by the Deputy-Minister of Education, Youths and Sports who informed the MPs that minister’s absence was related to a previously scheduled meeting with Kosovo counterpart.
Her absence generated the immediate reaction of opposition’s MPs who claimed that this is the third time that the minister makes fun of them through this way of doing. They had been prepared to ask Minister Nikolla about the delayed preparation of legal acts that left the pedagogues without salaries for 10 days.
By refusing to attend this hearing minister Nikolla refutes to answer to the list of requests submitted by 123 pedagogues who warn a general strike if no solution is given.


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