Rama: Farming, Profitable Sector with Proper Knowledge
Albanian Daily News
Published February 14, 2018
Prime Minister Edi Rama says that farming is a highly profitable sector if those operating in this area are duly informed. He declared on Wednesday that new subsidies given by the state should serve as instrument to take make farming a profitable business.
“If we take a look in the European countries we may see that there are no poor farmers. This is a business like everything else. As such it requires a certain level of knowledge by those operating in this field. That’s why I support the idea of transforming the agriculture offices into informative structures for the farmers,” said PM Rama.
He underlined that this change gains more importance on view of the new financial schemes drafted by the government to support farmers.
“We invite the farmers to take the funds allocated by the state but they can’t do this without being properly informed. Knowledge paves the way to major profits in this sector,” said the chief of executive.


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