Where Did Drug Lords' Seized Assets End?
Albanian Daily News
Published February 9, 2018
Various assets seized to drugs lords and organized crime exponents have been exploited abusively. A recently released report of the State Supreme Audit (SSA) indicates that assets with a considerable value have been rented in exchange of relatively low fees, totally contrary to the law.
“The commissions set up to evaluate the price for renting objects have proposed very low prices in contravention of the requirements of Council of Ministers decision issued on June 3, 2015. From the audit of the implementation of rental contracts it was generally concluded that lease payments were made after the 5th of each month, contrary to points 5.4, 5.5 of the Rental Contracts where it is cited that the payment is done preliminarily and is handed over within the 5th of each month as and for each day of delay from the date specified the Tenant will pay the interest-rate delay of 0.1% of the rent amount,” SSA reported.
SSA also informs that lease payments have been done in violation with the law, raising suspicions of abuses between state representatives and private subjects.


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