Kryemadhi Urges Political Class to Meet People's Expectations
Albanian Daily News
Published November 17, 2017
The chairwoman of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Monika Kryemadhi exploited a opportunity given during a meeting on Friday with the Director for Central and Eastern Europe of the American Democratic Institute (NDI), Robert Benjamin to urge political class to meet people’s expectations.
“The precious contribution given by NDI over the years, providing a Western mentality to various political actors has helped Albania make steps ahead on the path of democracy, although there is still much work to be done to strengthen the institutions and the rule of law in the country. Partners' contribution is precious but the biggest task belongs to the country's political class as people expect most of it,” said Kryemadhi.
She also expressed her deepest gratitude toward NDI for the assistance given to SMI in the processes of contemporary policy making, Youths Movement for Integration (YMI) forum capacity increase and Women Movement for Integration forum (WMI) training, and in particular for their investment in the increase of financial transparency by the Albanian political parties.
Pairs reconfirmed mutual willingness for the bilateral cooperation enhancement and also discussed about democracy’s situation in Albania.


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